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If you guys didn't know, Got7 is my favorite kpop group and I would slap anyone if they hate them.......
I have this friend that loves exo (she thinks lay is ugly D:) and hates Got7!!!!!
I showed her some pictures of JB and the whole group and she said they were ugly!!!!!
I stopped talking to her for a while cuz everytime I try to tell her about them she just says they're ugly and that she will never like them.
One day, she invited me over to her house and we were dancing/listening to exo for an hour. She then ask me if I wanna play my own songs. I got so excited at that moment and showed her the just right mv. When I got back home, she texted me saying that she loves got7 and I was filled with joy.
BUT THEN!!!!! She said she likes Jb...... I told her to like mark, jr., or bambam but she said they were ugly.....
But at the end, I got her to like got7 and she end up liking youngjae XD
I MET LEE MIN HO!!!!! (idk what im doing with my hands) :P bai.
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okay how can she not like GOT7? Jackson is my bias, and Mark is my bias too.