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French Macarons are just one of those must-have chic cookies that, without it, would make your wedding a bit incomplete. I say that because these things are EVERYWHERE! They're on Tumblr, Pinterest, in every wedding magazine, on the cover of catering trade publications. Trust me on this one, they are taking over!
With that said, if you wanted to do something a little different to make the trend all your own, you can get plain French Macarons and either water color them yourself, like you really have the time for that. Or, you could order them that way. With the price of these cookies going for $1.75 to $3.50 each, you're better off letting them do the artistry.
Have you figured out what you're going to do for your wedding reception sweet table? I've got some great cards that I've written about the subject, which you can see by clicking here. It could be exceedingly simple or outrageous and over the top. Make it all your own and stick to your budget.