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Hello mis amigos! I'm hear with part 3. If you missed part 2 click here and you can read it. I've been busy with school and sorry for the wait.
Too good to be true... Jessamine answered her phone quickly. "Hey chica, how was that concert?" Tiffany. "It was fine Tiffany. We loved it." Jessamine says in a monotone. "Well that was flat." Tiffany smile faded. Alycia quickly grabbed the phone. "OMG TIFF this was the best concert and night of our night!" Jessamine ignored Alycia and went to the bathroom to shower. I guess I will let Alycia give Tiffany the run down. She's right it was the best night of our all human history. But too good to be true. GD will never ever think of me. Heck, BB will just move one with time. Jessamine slowly grabbed her shower basket and wrapped herself in her pink fluffy robe. She looked in the mirror and then rolled her eyes at her own reflection. Who am I to judge. They are famous and that's what famous people do. She brushes her teeth while she ran her shower water. Slowly the bathroom was full of steam. All I need is a warm long shower to wash all this stupidity away. Soon last night....the scent of GD'S cologne...the flash of his smiles...the light touch of his skin when he laughed and pulled on my arm. It will all be washed away....
Awkward.... Jessamine hopped out the shower feeling great. She felt like she could move on. She wondered what Tiffany and Alycia spoke about. She walked to the living room to get a quick update. After that she could get dolled up as always. Jessamine walked into the living room. "Hey stanky girl did you talk Tiffany ear off about our dream night of perfection." Suddenly, Jessamine's mind went blank. There GD and Desung were sipping on tea talking to Alycia. "Shoot, we have company Jasie." Alycia said. GD had a huge grin on his face. Jessamine ran out the area screaming "OMG, WTF!" "Are you out your mind Jessamine?" "You could've warned me Alycia. I'm practically naked...soaked and my hair is a hot freakin mess!" "Well, you left your phone with me. GD texted you while you were in the bathroom. He asked if he could drop by so I agreed. I didn't think you would mind. Now get dressed. We are going to the park and Tiffany asked if we could interview them."
PICNIC It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was high and bright. The girls were at a nearby park with GD and Desung. They had just finished eating lunch. Alycia and Desung left to grab some snow cones. Jessamine and GD was packing up. GD'S skin lightly passed Jessamine's as they placed items into the picnic basket. Jessamine blushed. "So thanks for answering those questions. I know you both have better things to do." Jessamine said to break the awkward silence. "No problem Jessamine. But can I ask you a question." GD closed the basket. Jessamine nodded yes. "Why every time I see you I make you scream or faint?" He tried not to laugh. "Well, I'm a VIP it's natural." "If only you could be more Jessamine." GD says while looking up at the sky. "What you say GD? What are you implying?" "I want to get to know you passed this VIP...Fandom stuff. Could we get to know each other as people..humans?" Jessamine paused. "I would like that." GD grinned and extended his hand. "Hello I'm Ji-Yong nice to meet you." " Que tal I'm Jessamine and likewise." Alycia and Desung came back with snow cones. "Eat then quickly they are melting!" Desung says.
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