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For many, 9/11 is a day you either strongly remember or don't remember at all.
It's been well over a decade since the world stood still for a moment. On September 11, 2001, two planes hit the World Trade Centers in New York City, one plane hit the Pentagon and another plane never made it to its destination thanks to the heroic people on board who crashed the plane. The United States was under the first attack on it's own soil for the first time ever in recent history. It's not uncommon to ask people where they were on September 11 and people have some of the most bizarre stories. Simple altercations to everyone's day was a life saver or death sentence by a matter of seconds.
Now that it's been over a decade, September 11 is starting to fade in the public eye. It's not nearly as traumatic or highly talked about. The new One World Trade Center also commonly called The Freedom Tower is a new symbol on the NYC skyline. People have found peace, love, and patriotism with the new 9/11 Memorial Museum and Pools. 9/11 is becoming another day of remembrance that we see on calendars but quickly pass over. And if you think about it, the majority of today's youth have zero recollection of the event or weren't even born yet showing that it will be something they'll read about in a history book. 9/11 will soon become the next Pearl Harbor. Hopefully our country will never face another terrorist attack as horrifying as 9/11. If anything, the events that occurred proved vulnerability and a sense of fate as all of us have no idea if everyday life decisions are leading us to survive or to die.
Along with all of this information, the stories that seem to grace the front of news magazines are the stories about celebrities since they are public figures. Some of the most famous people in the world were supposed to be in the WTCs that day but something made a switch of plans changing the course of their lives forever. Check out the video above.

Do you believe in fate?

Yeah....I lived in NJ at the time and one of my classmates forgot his lunch so his dad stopped by before going to work. His father worked at the WTC at the time and thanks to my friend forgetting his lunch, he was late and avoided the accident.
Omg he saved his fathers live that's a miracle. Yes I do believe in fate
I’m not sure I believe in fate as much as I do random occurrences working out, and giving those occurrences credit. There are probably thousands of stories just like this and @mchlyang. I’m not saying they aren’t amazing. just not as extraordinary as we think :)