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Don't Worry Ariel, You'll Be Fine...
Because apparently that's all you need XD
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Lol! I just, by chance, had pretty much this conversation with a girlfriend (jokingly but not at the same time). She's in her 40s, morally conscious, a very conservative dresser but is funny as hell & jokes about her 'buxomness' but only with us girls. Tonight she messaged to say she was stoked to let off a speeding ticket, which never happens these days. She'd never actually flash her boobs but I've had a few giggles implying through ridiculously far fetched analogies that it's the only logical explanation & finished with ;-) 'Boobs can do anything.' Which your meme sums up! Lol.
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@MissB82 Hahaha, at least your friend didn't get the ticket XD
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That's what she said! :-)
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@MissB82 HAHAAHAH I love that story. Also it makes me wonder why Ariel didn't realize she had so much to work with.
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@danidee Thank you :-) Haha. When I saw this meme, the timing....I laughed so hard & 'bravo'-ed the universe! :-) Haha.
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