Day 11: Post 10 gifs/pics of Hongbin!
One half of my biases!!!!!
I can't explain how much my heart flutters when I see him.
He is so adorable and just everything.
How can someone be that gorgeous and lovely and artistic and perfect???!!!!!
How am I only going to pick 10...
His smile and his dimples get me everytime.
And his earssss. He is so cute.
How is someone that precious?
His smile literally melts my heart.
Him behind that camera gives me life.
Precious selfie! Showing off his cute dimples.
Hongbin is so sexy, but also a squish. Ah.
Those glasses...
That camera again...
You do that photoshoot Hongbin!
Bye bye cutie! (tired serious faced Hyukie)
Thanks @DianaBell for tagging me in that glorious Hongbin post you did for Day 11, hopefully all this Hongbin goodness makes you smile too since he is your secret bias :)
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Thank you! He really makes my heart melt!!