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What would happen if someone wore a Yankees jersey in Boston?

As former MLB commissioner Bud Selig once said, "You can talk about the Dodgers and Giants, the Cardinals and Cubs, the Packers and the Bears, Ohio State-Michigan, but there's nothing like the Red Sox and the Yankees." As you can tell from Mr. Selig's quote, it's pretty obvious that the Yankees and the Red Sox hate each other. So who in their right mind would wear a Yankees jersey in Boston?
Well, this brave, young lad decided to take charge and sacrifice himself for the weakhearted.

And it wasn't just any Yankees uniform.

It was Alex Rodriguez's, one of the most hated player in the whole league. He decided to wear a Rodriguez jersey and walk around Fenway Park, the home and heart of the Boston Red Sox!
As our brave soldier changed into his Rodriguez Jersey, a biker passes by and warns him.

"I wouldn't wear that here."

But as soon as he starts walking around the streets of Boston, he comes across a sign that he probably did not want to see in a Yankees jersey.

New York Sucks!

People stopped in the midst of their meals to boo our brave young soldier.

And it didn't simply stop with boos. Bostonians in cabs, Bostonians on the street, even Bostonians on their phones did not hesitate to yell:

Yankees suck!

Then he runs into one jacked Bostonian who says:

Why you wearing that shirt man?

You got the wrong f**kin shirt on dude.

Yeah man, why you in Boston wearing that shirt?

And it doesn't simply stop with some threatening comments.


He got punched in the face for simply wearing a Yankees jersey!

Well, at least he was brave enough to do something that most of us would not have been able to ever dream of doing! And thanks to him ladies and gentleman, we learned a very important lesson today:

Never, ever wear a Yankees jersey (or anything Yankees related) in Boston!

Here is a full video of what happened when he walked around Boston wearing a Rodriguez jersey! Enjoy!