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My Dream Superpower(s)

I was tagged my the ever lovely @shannon15 to write my dream superpower. However, I'm finding it difficult to choose one, so I chose MULTIPLE (Muahuahua). Enjoy! Keep in mind I'm not saying I want ALL of these powers at once. I'm happy with any on this list.
PSIONIC EMBODIMENT! Ok, nobody told me I had to be realistic with this card. It's about superpowers. If Superman can have every power under the sun (wink wink) then why can't I? Psionic Embodiment means that ones with this ability have control over ANY psionic ability. Yes, this is a real power. The only known user is Phoenix Force. Telepathy? Check. Psionic constructs like Psylocke? Check. Need someone to Avatar the Last Airbender you out of trouble? I'm your girl. Ahhh I love comics :)
ESSENCE EMBODIMENT!! I don't know nearly as much about this as I do about Psionic Manipulation, but I do know that it sounds AWESOME! With this, I would possess and be able to manipulate ANY ESSENCE. Under this falls Soul Manipulation and Life Manipulation.
SOUL MANIPULATION!!! I feel that this is self explanatory. I would be able to manipulate souls. Most likely just my own, but STILL. Astral Projection, Possession, Resurrection, Reincarnation and MORE!
SHAPESHIFTING!!! Alright, after X-Men, who doesn't know what shapeshifting is? Can you imagine though? I would be able to be anyone I want! Especially for someone with body image problems (*cough* me *cough*), this works be awesome!! Well these were my powers! I hope you enjoyed! Keep in mind there are consequences and limitations to every ability. :)
@AimeeH Yay! :)
@tardisdragon7 awesome! We're glad to have you ^~^
@shannonl5 @AimeeH Lol thanks! :) A superhero team would be awesome :) And yes, I am willing to avatar anyone out of trouble :)
Great Card!! Those would be cool!
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