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Hey guys~! Today's vowel is い, it is the Hiragana for i. It is pronounced as "ee" like in "eel" or in "meet".
Stroke order for this one is very simple, only two strokes. Be sure when writing it that the lines are curvy, Hiragana was created by women and meant to look feminine. So avoid making lines too straight.
With the vowels I have shown you, you guys can actually already spell a word ^^
あい meaning love. You would pronounce it like "I" as in "I love"
And here is a picture of eels to maybe help you match the pronunciation with the symbol ^^
Good luck~!
@poojas Haha thank you xD you're too nice to me~
@poojas No problem :D I'm trying to put a new word on each card, but it's kinda hard spelling with just vowels ^^ there will be more words when I finish with the vowels~
Such a pretty letter. And thanks for teaching us a whole new word! :)
@SunnyV Did I tell you you're the best for doing this? Cuz you are! :)