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So I was looking at dramafever's recent post about famous korean stars and their visa/passport pictures, and this one for Kris came up. I hate the title, "former EXO member". It made me want to cry to see him described that way. If you want, please leave a comment on how you feel about this!
In my heart, I still consider Kris and Luhan to be part of EXO. But I do agree with @Taijiotter He's done a lot since leaving and don't think the description of him should still keep him from lingering in his past.
Personally, I would've preferred that they leave EXO out of his title. It's been a year and he's done so much! I wish they would've said "actor" or "Chinese singer" or something along those lines.
He will forever be apart of EXO. He was and will never be a former member of EXO
While I agree he shouldn't forever be labeled as just a former member of EXO, we and he have ro accept that is where he got his big break and what he'll always be known for most of his career. They should have titled him a Chinese singer/actor but you know the media. They want something attention grabbing. Sorry I get grumpy when talking about Kris. I love him but he broke my heart when/ how he left leaving me with mixed feelings.
Well I guess I agree it could have been word better and besides on his own he's doing pretty good too. But it would have been better if Exo was still all together :((
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