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wooo! Now almost all my favorite groups/artists have their own V App channel!! ^^ So excited that Block B is on there now <3 needed more Block B updates~
I really love the V App, not all the videos get English Subs, but its still awesome! especially for us international fans!
we can actually watch our favs live & send them comments & hearts. even see videos exculsive for the 1st time with the app!
so many of the idols are really using the app pretty often with both scheduled events and spontaneous ones too!
Do you love the V App? Who are your favorite artists/groups that use the app!? ^^ I love Eric Nam cuz he's hilarious & hes REALLY active on the app. Of course I love GOT7 & BTS! B1A4, BigBang, & now Block B! I follow a lot of other groups/artists/companies on the app too! ✌ I love it!
Omg this makes me so happy!!!!
Plus, some of them even responds to our comments!!! ♡♡