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lol at his face ^_^ Does anyone know where I can find this show/interview?
well I'm trying at least :) thanks :D oh by the way in your last comment, what you wrote means you think I'm cool too, and that I'm your friend right? I get small parts of the sentences with words I know so I'm not sure if I understand everything ^_^ but then, I can't understand your last sentence in Hangul :( well, nothing much, waiting for my holidays to come so I can learn more Korean! 2 weeks and then 휴 가 가! and what about you?
아니야 난 이해게 되 넌아직 한곡 배우 그게 왜 내가 널 돕고 싶어 i know that u still a beginner and this make me confused too when i start learning i just wanted to help u :)) so whats up ??
@Reyam ah 정 말 미 안 해 ! I got confused! We can use banmal, I got it mixed up ^_^ don't be sad!
@moonminyeon 너도정말 멋있은 여자 가 그리고 좋은 친구야 but still i was happy of the 1st sentence cause its in banmal that mean we are comfort to each other and good friends but the thanks sentence in chindetmal which mean person u meet for one or two time and dont have a strong relationship with so the "yo" thing in kumawa make me feel sad ...:( so whats up??
@Reyam anyway, 고마 워 요 :D
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