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It's Tailgating Time: Tequila Twisted Gummy Bears
College football season is here, and game day near. Let's bring out the booze and food. Got a few people you want to entertain, but you're selling your plasma to shake that college brokeness? I got you. Here's a college-boozy tequila recipe that will put your college buddies on their ass.


Tequila Twisted Gummy Bears

1) Pour gummy bears in a container that has a lid. Pour in tequila until gummy bears are submerged.
2) Give the tequila gummy bears a stir. Cover with lid.
3) Refrigerate and let it soak for about 5 days. Stir a couple times a day.
TIP: You can also use vodka for this recipe, or any spirit you prefer. You can even make it really awesome with flavored alcohol.

Happy, safe drinking! Let the games begin, and the best football team win (I know who I am cheering for!!!) ;)