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Hello amigos! I've been on a Korean food high. Since trying to change my lifestyle and my love for Korean culture I thought I would take it up a notch. Also since I love kpop I figured well Korea produce some great music I know their food has to be AWESOME! I'm always seeing my favorite people in kpop like Big Bang, EXO, 2pm, and 17 eating and bragging about how Korean food is go good! So what is Kpop without is Korean food? Nada...right lol. Well, I began following an awesome lady on youtube. Her name is Maangchi. She does great videos on how to do Korean dishes. I will share a few of my favorites that I have tried already.
Kimchi!! I enjoyed making my own and this video made it so much easier.
Korean ramyeon! This was very yummy and my boyfriend loved it! It is very simple to make.

Have you tried eating or cooking any Korean dishes? Comment below!

I went to a Korean resturant and I was hooked. I'm learning dishes from different cultures have similar elements.
I've had some Korean food, I just can't remember the names of some of the dishes! But, my favorite would be galbi, bibimbap, and this stew I had with this big piece of meat in it.
thanks so much! I may try out these dishes for Christmas or over Christmas break :)