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Anime Community
I was just reading comments on @poojas thank you card to the Anime Community and I literally felt like I was in an alcoholic anonymous meeting... there were some comments of people introducing themselves. .
"Hello, my name is _______ & I'm addicted to anime." I just got an AA meeting vibe and thought it was cute [>○<]
This picture above feels just how I would imagine if the Vingle Anime Community would get together and talk in real life, I feel like it wouldn't be awkward just fun :D
Thank you to all the people I've been able to talk to and especially @poojas for making such awesome cards where I was able to relax and talk and meet so many people! A big hug to everyone! PS. if anyone would like to talk about anything related to Anime or kpop or the universe lol you are more than welcome to shoot me a message. I would love to continue to interact with you all :)
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