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guuurll let Me tell you what happened. last night I dreamt that me and sehun were derping around with Kai and some girl in the snow. so when we were walking along the snow we noticed there were pecans and almonds frozen together all over us. so I started messing with them and threw them at Sehun and he grabbed some and ate them. So we were like "Hey we should play the pocky game but with almonds." Kai and the other girl were debating on it but Sehun and I got bored and tired of waiting so we walked towards each other and Kissed. AND KAI AND THAT OTHER GIRL FREAKED OUT AND ME AND SEHUN ACTED LIKE IT WAS NOTHING. I'm dying xD
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dude i love his hair that is amazing hair like dang and awesome dream lol yiu where acting like it was nothing in your dream but i bet you freaked out when you woke up