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This beautiful scenery was captured by Roger Shepherd, a native New Zealander, owner of Hike Korea, and co-author of the Baekdu Daegan Trail Guidebook. Roger has visited North Korea four times to photograph the Baekdu Daegan trail and has been given permission to hike the entire length of the trail from North Korea's to Paektusan all the way to Jirisan in South Korea, in summer 2014. Roger's Words: "Since May 2011, I have made four visits to North Korea totaling about 12 weeks of travel. Over 7000kms of road travel has seen me visit as much as 27 isolated mountains. Images from these journey's will go into a photo-journal book that I will creat and self publish featuring mountains and culture of the 1700km Baekdu Daegan ridge of the Korean peninsula from Paektusan mountain to Hallasan mountain. It is expected to be released July 2013." Roger has also agreed to an interview, so please comment below if there are any questions you would like to ask him! To learn more visit: hikekorea.com
beautiful scenery
Oh, wow. I bet it must be so pristine.