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Nicole Arbour, the girl who made a video called "Dear Fat People," a shitty YouTube video that hates on fat people, just got fired.
Arbour was actually working for a film called, "Don't Talk To Irene" as a choreographer. It's a film about a body-positive woman who is bullied for being fat.
Director Pat Mill fired her after hearing about her rant (or ridiculously unfunny "joke") on Youtube.
This is what director Pat Mill had to say about the video:
“It’s very odd that we live in a world now where people post their opinions on YouTube (to get views), but they cannot say these opinions to our faces. My film celebrates being different. It celebrates not fitting in. I want to arm teen girls of all sizes with confidence. People like Nicole Arbour strip this confidence away.” (zap2it)
Yikes! Looks like Arbour screwed everything up for herself.
To read more about the video, check out @LizArnone's card here.
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If the video is seen superficially, I can see how someone can view the video and this topic in that way. However, there is a lot to be said and there are so many complexities and issues surrounding this video specifically. And I guess I don't think making fun of fat people is funny?...Do I think that being active and eating well is important? Of course. But that is not the focus of video. @kpopandkimchi @CarolInaSalinas
@kpopandkimchi @CarollnaSalinas the thing is making fun of people's weight, specifically her horrible "packaging" in reference to Americas weight issue is the worst thing that can happen!! Making fun of someone's weight isn't doesn't bully them into shape! It makes them more depressed and pushes them further from a healthy lifestyle. ALSO no one seems to mention that the healthy foods aren't the cheapest most readily available !! Unhealthy food is what is available everywhere! There is such a thing as food deserts here where whole towns do not get the food or nutrition they need. I think shaming anyone and making fun of anything just for views is wrong and completely counter productive
@alywoah Apologies for being superficial! Just my take on the video :)
No problem. Hey, it's a topic that's tough for some people to grasp. Learning about more about issues surrounding the misconceptions of weight, bullying related to body image, and eating disorders can help with really understanding why this video is actually pretty awful! @kpopandkimchi
I just think it's good to ere on the side of education and actual relevant advice. Telling someone they are fat and ugly is just going to drive them to deep depression and emotional issues. It's so hard to relate sometimes, but what we can all do is encourage change rather than hatred.