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Hello again, Vinglers! it's been about a week since my last card but now I cam share another exciting moment with you!
My top bestie from college, and I both work around the same area - I work in the mall of Japantown, and she works at this kawaii as f**k store called Maruq. They sell everything from Rilakkuma (which I love), to stuff GD would wear, to lolita.
While waiting for my homie to get off of work, I just hung out at her store when I saw the Rilakkuma I've been wanting for a while now and plan on wearing it on Halloween. It was pricy, but it was the same price as online but without the shipping so I totally bought it! Of course I bought a shirt and rilakkuma notebooks, but I am so happy!
These are the pictures from my friend's phone. The second one was on her snapchat so I took a screenshot. The first one, I had her send it to me and it's my profile picture for basically everything now (and my crush liked it on Facebook ♡) Anywho, I got it! And I swear it is the most comfortable thing you could ever wear! They are expensive, but buying the original kigurumi over some rip off is worth it. If you ever want a Rilakkuma Kigurumi without paying for shipping, the only Maruq I know is the one where my friend works. It's on Post St, Japantown, Sam Francisco, across from the mall in a building that says "New People."
Last but not least, I was accidentally Maruq's model for the day! I tried on the Kigurumi there, and my friend pulled out the store's camera, and took a bunch of pictures of me! I mean, I didn't look as good as BTS, but I think it was cute enough. The pictures with me should be on their Instagram soon! Not sure when, or the name of it, but I will find out for you! But really, I love my onesie!
@amazingangelini that makes me want one even more @_@
@zunthiarlenoa it is so comfy!
oooooh that's great you could get one! I will definitely be getting one for myself before it starts getting cold :)