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As we all know anime is great because there different types of characters, style, genre, etc.
But I'm sure if you've had your fare share of anime you come across one or two anime that make make you think....
Why is this a thing
WOAH WOAH I know what you're thinking "Why would a person question the existence of an anime, are you crazy"
Well let me explain, every once in awhile there's that one anime that's just doing it all wrong.
That one that is just really disturbing or just makes an sense at all
Chances are youve found this anine if: •you question why you clicked on it • you wonder why it was created •you ask yourself self why you're still watching it •It just makes you question what you're doing with your life lol
In short what we're talking about here is: "What anime do you find disturbing/weird"
Personally I seem to stumble across these types of anime alot because it just watch whatever anime is handed to me random person: "hey watch this" me: "okay" (i never read the descriptions a I probably should from now on lol)
Remember these anime can range from something like "Akiko" (An anime where the female lead is actually a soda can) to something like "The qwaser of stigmata" (where the main character gets his powers from breast milk) or even something like "Parasyte".... (I think we know why Parasyte is weird if you don't know about Parasyte then I'm happy for you. You're soul has been spared lol) Dont be afraid to get creative, I'm excited to see what you guys come up with
Male sure to tag me in your card if you decide to do this♡ Good luck guys and I'll see you later :P
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Yeah @poojas I've been watching anime since I could walk. I filled up three composition notebooks with the anime I've watched and manga I read along with comments and must re-watch lists. Lol I've been on it!!
@EllieDean That's awesome! It's always super cool to see such passionate fans! :)
Its not that I'm passionate its just that I'm addicted Lmfao yes there is a difference.
@EllieDean Hahaha, that works too! After all, the line b/w the 2 is very thin XD
Lol are they really that bad?