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This character from the animated version of Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko gave me nightmares.
her long hair and strange lame leg dragging behind her as she walks and the gutteral wail she has like some creepy Japanese banshee....
reminds me a lot of The Ring, which gave me nightmares for MONTHS! Sorry this is late @rosepark
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dont worry! You did it! Thats good enough~ man I cant help it with those creepy japanese girls, they are the simplest and generic horror story characters but still love them xD
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@KhrystinaLee The gif scared me so much T^T. These are the worst kind of characters lol. All the horror!
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@poojas right!? Those ladies give me nightmares for months! And yet I can watch a teen slasher and not be bothered.....
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@KhrystinaLee Lol nightmares forever. You know the ones where they crawl all weirdly on the ceiling. IT'S THE WORST! lol
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