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I drew this last year, I love this anime so much and I always wanted to draw Zoey because she was unique with red hair at the time and I loved the idea of her bell ribbon necklace because it helped others to know where she was. It's also something she got from the guy she loves. Has anyone else watched Tokyo Mew Mew, did you like it, or are you going to watch it? Let me know! @RosePark @AkiraCondry @AimeeH @BFP1916 @caitlind9898 sherrysahar @FrankilliMambo @DanRodriguez @Ninachan @VinMcCarthy @poojas @chandnip804 @Kamiamon @NerukaWong
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@RosePark Thanks and I'm so happy that you'll be watching more amazing animes!
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Its beautiful! :)
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Thank you! @NerukaWong
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I will give this anime a shot thanks to your recommendation ^^
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