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1. [+3,251, -58] The horrible camera work, ugh. Kept filming the fan seats.
2. [+2,883, -108] The camera work was so... f*cking bad... randomly filming the lights during Taeyeon's part;;; was this a joke ㅋㅋㅋ and if Soshi's performing, keep it focused on them
3. [+1,764, -131] Wow~~ a 'Gee' performance in dresses!! Everyone looked great!!
4. [+1,591, -142] So pretty, both groups look at the peak of their beauty!
5. [+1,378, -119] SNSD pretty!!~
6. [+255, -8] The cameramen had to be joking. Even if they're all on stage together, the focus should be on the main performers, not other groups ㅡㅡ we're not curious how the audience looks at all so stop panning to them.. we're not watching to see the crowd ㅡ.ㅡ
7. [+274, -32] Why was the camera focused more on their junior group when it was SNSD's stage... how aggravating
8. [+244, -18] Camera refused to focus on the members;;; And I'm sorry but why were they performing with another girl group, just seemed like a package deal ㅠ I was looking forward to it too because it's a first 'Gee' stage in a while
9. [+224, -6] Worst 'Music Core' stage in a while. It has to be a joke. Half the song was focused on the crowd and... I'll keep my mouth shut about the 'Gee' stage...
10. [+206, -20] Great live from both groups today but the camera work was horrendous;;