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The missing Part of the recaps: Truly sorry for the Bug >< ***************************************** We Can't help but tune in over and over! I believe you Guys will be here, right? Huh?HUH?HUUUH? @ 10pm SEOUL, Korea- UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time 1pm So, i can't say enough how AWESOMME it is reading your comments as im telling you what's happening! I feel like im in your living room, all over the world, with you watching FASHION KING, and shouting everytime they touch or show some skin LOL So, promise you'll be there~? Can't wait to talk to you, Chicas ^O- (Any boys out there?) PS: Question! Where is everybody from? im really curious to know where ,all of us Vinglers Fans of KOF, are from! *************************************************** Ep 17: ****************************************** "Why don't you stop making me talk about that jerk and enjoy this -OUR TIME ONLY-?" says Youngul totally ignoring Gayoung's pleading for him to let Jaehyuk in peace. What a funny flip of the situation. He simply..Turns on TV, starts watching this soccer match. Gayoung stares at him, she's somehow..scared. She can't recognize this person in front of her. "Can i leave?" she suddenly asks him. "Oh jee why can't he even shoot straight?" Youngul is totallt not listening. She's on the verge of tears, taker her bag and is about to leave then :"Where do you think you're leaving?" he says while grabbing her hand strongly. She sits right back on the Sofa. She watching the match while he's pretending like nothing just happened. I swear he looks a little off...>< Meanwhile, Jaehyuk is alone in his huge flat. He's watching a Romatic movie AWWww...He's crying!He grabs his phone, tries to leave a phone message to Gayoung:"Please..please comeback to me..Pl.." Then he breaks down in Tears..Aww... Back to Youngul's, he's fallen asleep on the sofa. She turns off the Tv then leaves. But she can't forget how she is the one responsible for all the pain of caused to these 2 guys. How she left Youngul. Which caused him to harden up and turn into this iceman ready to break anyone BUT her. How Jaehyuk is so vulnerable now and has no one to back him up. once she arrives home, She sends him a text msg saying that she only left bcuz her roomate may worry about her being out this late. But she notices Jaehyuk voice msg. She tears up.. Back at Youngul's factory, the sewing Ladies are chitchatting about Gayoung right in in her face XD Her Roomate is the source of the updates, actually..LOL Im missing the most important point, Gayoung is actually back to her Cheap sewing machine!!What the?! Anna & Youngul comes in, and both are shocked to this scene! Youngul calls Gayoung to his office:"Can i understand what the hell you're doing?" Gayoung:" Can i please get back to my old seat with my little machine, and you giving missions..?That time was the happiest time of my life, you know" Youngul:"You listen to me! You'll go to your job, enjoy the fame the success..You think this is right for you?This is who you are!You got Talent" Gayoung:"Even if you don't want me to, i'll just go on and do it..So don't be surprised if you see me here all day. and the next" Then she goes right back to her sewing machine! Meanwhile, Jaehyuk is calling Gayoung. She hang ups on him. THAT WAS IT!He's gone completely MAD, takes his keys, and drives like craaaaazy to go see her! I swear i thought this was the part where the typical Car accident scene in every korean drama happens! He's at her place, but she's not there! Things are bad for Jaehyuk and his secretary because his Father finds out! He''s shocking you'll see...hitting,stepping and kicking Jaehyuk's secretary! Like a Dog! And he's taking it! Wow..That gives you some sad cultural insight about Hierarchy in Korea. Away from there, Youngul and Anna are at the factory, along with Gayoung who is still working like any other sewer there. Right in front of her, Youngul decides to take Anna for lunch. He passes by her ignoring how sweaty and tired she looks. Even Anna is slightly in shock. But Happy kkk Both are now in this Fancy korean restaurant (ME WANT MEAT TOO >< ). But guess who suddenly shows up?Jaehyuk's Father!! "Oh?Anna! What brings you here?" Anna:" Oh, Hello Sir! Im here for a lunch, umm..with Mister Youngul.." Says Anna expecting a change of mood for sure. But, Jahyuk's father controls his facial expression and even invites both for more food. Actually, he never met his biggest enemy in Person before this day. Jaehyuk, at this time, is in his car, where his spent his old day Apparently waiting in front of Gayoung's place!Her roomate notices his car! Gayoung hs actually just decided to sleep over at the factory, like the old times! She is all smiles remember the first little nude incident she had, on her first night spent there. When youngul sat on her bed while she was sleeping there, half naked! i mean HIM!LOL BUT! BANG BANG BANG! OMG WHAT IS THIS SOUND?? Jaehyuk has gone mad knocking like mad on her door!" Are you hiding from me?" he says in a low scary voice. "No im not." she replies him trying to keep her cool! Then he starts getting closer lilttle by little while she is trying to get further away from him! She looks scared >O< She gets blocked by the wall.! He has the hold of her!! Grabs her and tries to force a kiss on her, but she avoids him is such..disgusted sorta way! god you should see the look on his face..i don't know what to tell you. I wanted to give him a big hug.."Just..Stop Avoiding me..Comeback to me..Please!" Youngul's back! He brought her dinner:" You didnt eat right? Here!...So umm...What did That jerk excactly wanted from you at this hour?" Yes, he DID see him! "Nothing really..Just forget it ok?" she says. Youngul decides to spend the night there. okay..this is the CUTTEST SCENE ever!! You know how tiny her bed is, right? He still squeezes in LOL "BOSS! i seriously cant sleep like this" says poor Gayoung, but i bet she still enjoys this situation LOL Then he gives her this huuuge hug and has his arms around her! B***H...Sorry..I HAD to let it Out! XD Next day, something UNBELIEVABLE is taking place. Embrace yourselves..Jaehyuk, his mother, his father, and..YOUNGUL are on the same dinning table???? "The reason why i invited you is to see how we can work out this situation, i mean business,..umm..How do you like you dessert?" says Jaehyuk's father. Youngul:" Im not very fond of sweet things..Sir" LOL Youngul..You're a legend! Suddenly Jaehyuk's mum goes into this rage state:" How can you bring him in, in our house, after wht he did to both our family and our business? You're now causing your own son as much pain as he did! How could You!!" "Umm..Where were we again, sir Youngul?" Says J's father ignoring totally his wife! Youngul is IN-HEAVEN!He is just digging what's going on! Later, Him and Jaehyuk are taking the same elevator! Again, Youngul had this huuuuge Grin on his face LOL He plays on Jaehyuk's nerves, which works! Next thing you know, Jaehyuk tries to get in a fight with him and tells him not to look down on him nor his father! "Im not, it's your father who is obviously judging that i AM important to your compagny's survival, isn't that what you want to? Survive?" Says Youngul, again looking like he is truly enjoying Jaehyuk's obvious pain. Later that night, i don't know where he's taking her, but Youngul has prepared this LARGE Wardrobe for Gayoung! She's trying out all these fancy looking dresses! Then suddenly, he brings out THE NECKLACE! He tries to make her wear it and says:" Do you remember this necklace?" "Umm..All i know is that it doesn't go well with my outfit!" she says totally missing the point from Youngul's question! "You seriously..don't remember the necklace?" he asks her again with his disapointed face.."It's just too bright and what im wearing is sort of dark so.." "Right right..just...Dont bother, you dont have to wear it!" Youngul says and just gives up hinting on the necklace. Gayoung leaves to the car first, and meet Jaehyuk on the elevator. Her striking beauty again puts him back on that blue mood. Oh there seem to be a PArty with both Staff from Youngul's Factory(The sewer ladies looked totally PIMPED LOOOL), Anna, Miss jo and her annoying daughter too. Oh, the Gay blondie from Jaehyuk's head team is there too (His voice tone Gives me chills). Gayoung and Youngul finally arrive at the party. Anna asks to talk to Youngul, probably just to have Gayoung NOT stand near him, because they look..PERFECT TOGETHER. Miss jo, evil miss is approaching towards Gayoung. She's again trying to poison the mood! OMG JAEHYUK! He crashes the party TOTALLY WASTED! "GAYOUUUUUNG...LEE GAYOUUUUNG" He's calling out for her!! He then falls on the floor! Hurt his hand! Gayoung runs to help him! Then Youngul Comes running:" Come with me You jerk! COOOOME" "Leave me Alooone.. i have something to tell her! LEAVE ME" Screams Jaehyuk! "Lee Gayoung..I..LOVE YOU. i said.. I LOVE YOUU"
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