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im watching Coffee Prince and I am totally sucked literally this is where i left off(because im on my way to work...and i just can't hold back anymore!!!! my sister and brother in law is looking at me like im CRAZY but i don't care!!! HAPPY SATURDAY EVEYONE
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@aiisson i know!!! i just got done with episode 12 and man it was intense wen Han Kyul found out she was a girl...and now they both say they love each other!!!! at the same time im wondering where Han Yoo Joo is and feeling sorry for Han Sung...ugh i swear everytime i wach a new drama i feel like a teenager again!!!
I will never forget this drama <3
@Emesica the part that got me was when she spent the night at his house and things got heated!!!!
@SHINee808 yes!!! but the moments that touch me the most were at the beach that scene had my feelings running over and the moment in front of the mural left me speechless 馃槉
so true!!!! honestly i think i enjoyed like the last five episodes the most than the beginning...but overall I LOVE COFFEE PRINCE!!!!!!!