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Hello! Well recently, I deleted a collection that had the card in which I introduced myself. I forgot that I had put any cards in there so I just deleted it :( So that's why I'm going to introduce myself again with more stuff since I know how to do more things on cards haha:
Hi! I created my account a week ago and I'm going to introduce myself again. My name is Belen. I'm from Texas and I'm 15 years old. I like to play video games, watch anime and KDramas. I love K-Pop and I listen to it everyday! :D I've been into anime and video games since I was 12. I became into K-Pop and KDramas a year ago and I wished I would've discovered it earlier, haha ^_^ Here are the K-Pop groups I listen to:
My biases are Jimin and V ♡
My bias is Daesung ♡
My bias is Sehun ♡
I listen to other K-Pop groups but these are my top 3 :) I also am studying Korean and Japanese. :D
Plus, I want make new friends on here since I have no one that likes the same things I like so message me on either of these ^_^
Kik: bell050
Kakao Talk: belen0119
@RobertMarsh ooh I'm a slow learner cx
@RobertMarsh he's so lucky to have someone teach him Korean ^_^
@RobertMarsh woah ur 5 year old likes Kpop? That's really cool 😃 wish I knew about kpop that young Cx
@ButterflyBlu I don't like any other music, only Kpop cx @RobertMarsh thank you for the welcome 😄
hello and welcome..we have a great community here... I'm sure everyone will make you feel welcome here
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