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Sadly, there's not much for me to make fun of in this's pretty well done.
And while yes, the point of this series isn't for me to make fun of every little thing, it does help to move things along.
Anywho, this song and video are both really solid. I said previously that I'm not a fan of VIXX as cutey boys...and I still stand by that. While in this video they've dropped the edgy/dark concept, they didn't jump to the other extreme of "AREN'T WE JUST THE CUTEST CUTEY BOYS HAR HAR HAR". Instead, they opted for a more subdued image. Well, subdued compared to the overdone aegyo that continues to plague both male and female idol groups.
Fun fact: in order to shoot this video, they all had to memorize the song's lyrics backwards, so when they video was played in reverse, it looked like they were singing the song properly. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.
Other fun fact: Uri Cha Hakyeon (N) choreographed the dance for this song.
Overall, all of the rookie jitters that were prevalent in VIXX's earlier videos are now gone. At this point, they were just over a year into their careers as idols, and I think that they adjusted pretty quickly. Plus I think the budget for their videos and wardrobes has increased significantly as well. It takes money to make money.
Now if only there could be a video where I was in favor of all six members' hairstyles...maybe next time.
GIVEAWAY: In order to find out details on the giveaway, watch the video. MUAHAHAHA...ah.
love this video! And Voodoo doll is my favorite Vixx song.
Loved this absolutely brilliant...and you're right, there isn't really anything to make fun of XD