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1. Blind Restaurant: This unique restaurant located at Konkuk University, was the first place I went on a date to when I went to Seoul. This restaurant is in total darkness. You will eat in total darkness. It is hard to eat because of how dark it is but that is what makes this place unique and fun. You will also be given a piece of paper where you can write a letter to your significant other or a review. This place is really good for couples that just started dating or couples who may want to become even closer since the darkness actually makes you talk. If you plan to visit this restaurant, you will have to call for a reservation.
2. Namsan/ Seoul Tower: My second best dating place in Seoul is Seoul Tower. Seoul Tower is located on the top of the Namsan Mountain. This place offers one of the best panoramic views of Seoul City and surrounding areas. This place got even more popular among young visitors after the drama My Love from Another Star. Namsan Tower is popular for their Love Padlocks which are hanging everywhere and which can be purchased at any store by the tower. If you are planning on going to the tower, your best option will be to take the cable car that leaves from Myeongdong. The price for a roundtrip by taking the cable car is 8500 Won.
3. Naksan Park: Naksan park is also a place that offers a nice panoramic view of seoul city. However, this place is really nice for the night view of the city. It is kinda hard to find this place and short hiking has to be done in order to come to the top of the park. If you want to visit the park then take the subway to Hyehwa station, exit 2. While visiting Naksan Park, don't forget to go to Ihwa Mural Village. You can walk to this village from the park. It is kinda hard to find so I recommend to ask the people around you. This village is popular for the art found on the walls and road. This village appears in most of K-Dramas.
4. Ssamziegil: Ssamziegil is a traditional cultural shopping center located on Insadong Street. It offers around 70 small stores that sells everything from clothes, accessories and art. Most of the things offered here are unique and handcrafted. There are a lot of workshops offered in Ssamziegil, which therefore attracts a lot of young people. You can create something of your own and you can even create couple things. The grounds of the shopping center is connected by spiral staircases. Take your time while walking to each ground because there are a lot of unique art on the way. On the top floor of Ssamziegil there will be something similar to the Love padlocks found in Namsan tower. However, these are small cards on which you can write a message and then hang. While being on the top level don't forget to eat the poo-shaped red bean cake, called Ddong Bbang (霕ル沟). Direction to Ssamziegil: Anguk Station, Exit 6
5. Trick Eye & Ice Museum: This place is a place you have to visit if you haven't visited a 3D museum before.This place was packed with people the day I went with my boyfriend. We had to stand in line in order to take the pictures. Trick Eye and Ice Museum is a fun place to go if you like to take pictures while having fun. Trick Eye and Ice Museum are two different types of museum located in the same building. The ticket work for both of them. This Trick Eye we went to is located in Hongdae but there are other 3D museums found in Seoul. If you are 18+ and not shy then there is also a Love museum located in the same building. Direction: Hongik University Station, Exit 9.
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I think I saw you at jongno When you visited in seoul!
@byulkim1020 omg really???? how cool!!
@VinMcCarthy I am glad I helped with some ideas! I will make more list soon for seoul!
Yayyyy yes @LJoonie please do!! And more adorable pics of you and your bf heheh :*
@allischaaff heheh I will!!! 馃槝