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What a headline.

The notoriously funny Amy Schumer appeared on The Late Show with Steven Colbert on Sept. 11 with a very original story for her fans. She rented our Jake Gyllenhaal's apartment with her sister noting that she's not rich yet. Although Gyllenhaal "gutted" his apartment before they moved in, he left a birthday cake in his freezer that was what Amy described as "very old". However, when Schumer is drunk, she loves to eat the cake acting as if she's talking to Gyllenhaal herself. She's only met him once but it's very obvious she's a fan.
What's next for Amy Schumer? Well she also recently showed up on "Ellen" where she rollerbladed across The Rockefeller stage dressed as Elsa from hit Disney movie, "Frozen". She also interrupted Ellen DeGenerous having an interview during the show with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Schumer mockingly asked Clinton if she wanted to skate too as Schumer kept yelling "Hill". Clinton took this tag line as an advantage though by bringing up Schumer's stance for gun violence... very smooth and appropriate for Clinton's campaign.
Schumer will also be opening for Madonna's concert in a few weeks in New York City. It's not been released if Schumer will be singing or just doing stand up comedy to warm the crowd up. I'd say if it's stand up, that's kind of a bizarre way to get the crowd going however the crowd will probably love Schumer since she is a New York native.

What do you think of Schumer eating the cake?

It'll be interesting to see how she opens up the Madonna show. I'm not the biggest Amy fan, but that's still definitely an honor.
Can I live in Jake’s apartment for a few months? lol. I’d probably eat his really crappy cake too..
Ha, she's amazing. One of my favorite comedians!!