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Just a small video compilation that I found on YouTube of the cutie ^-^ I always watch this because it always brings a smile to my face. Click here to read on how you can participate ^-^ {also- this may be more than 5 things- haha}
I have decided on these two because you can just see the natural aegyo that he emits- even if he is just eating... Only Jin {and a few others of course- looking at you Mino} can look so attractive while stuffing his face.
Honestly love this picture to death- it is currently my background on more than a few websites... and the gif- Am I the only one that noticed how beautiful Jin's lips are? ♡
These are a bit of Bonuses I tossed in because they are hilarious and I am so in love with them.. they always make me laugh when I am having a rough day, I know that sassy Queen Jin will be there to pick me back up ●.●
Final Picture is Sophisticated Jin Oppa- look at that suit aang- ♡.♡ What is your favourite Jin picture, gif, video? Who is your BTS bias? Are you excited for their never - really - left comeback?!