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My best friend from high school became a serious coffee snob when we were in our 20's. He has been given a rare genetic gift of an incredibly sensitive pallet - he's one of those people who you can blindfold and give a taste test to and he never misses. He eventually became a green coffee buyer for a large coffee company and he's been a World Coffee Cupping Judge. That sort of thing. I have teased with him on and off about sending me some nice coffee - you know, primo stuff... reserved for the best of the best of the best. And he's often teased back that he'll get me something out in the mail... but never has. I finally pressed him for some good coffee and he agreed to send some. Which today when I got back from a 50 mile bike ride (the first decent ride I've had in a week due to a horrible heat wave), there was a box waiting for me on my porch! To totally be a smart-ass to him I did a quick plate & layer Photoshop illustration of me praying to the box and the bag of coffee - all sorts of mystic energy flying all around... Because really; coffee is a gift from the heavens. And I enjoy being a smart ass to my friend. :D Now I'm off to enjoy me a nice big fat cup of it!
yeah, coffee is cool and stuff, but A 50 MILE BIKE RIDE!?!? GOOD GOD, SIR. ARE YOU MAN OR MACHINE?
I can't promise that that's the best way to absorb its power, dude. You might want to just drink it, hahaha.
@VinMcCarthy - Ha! Thanks for the compliment. I've been an aggressive cyclist since I was in my teens. That's about 30 years now. I'm riding around 200-250 miles/week. I ride 7 days a week. Some mornings I ride just a few miles, other mornings I ride further. on the weekends I do two 50+ mile rides. I got one bicycle I've owned 16 years and I retired it from daily rides when it hit 60,000 miles. No joke, I'm the only male in my family that doesn't take blood pressure medicine , has never had any sort of heart surgery, isn't overweight, and doesn't suffer from chronic back or joint pain. Cycling is my fountain of youth.