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This has been a long time coming just saying. Working is different for everyone I think. I'm a firm believer in if you do something you love you won't work a day in your life. Like me I hated what I did and I was in hell. Then again I worked in retail where I was treated like shit from everyone so.... Some people work because they have to there's no choice for them. My first week at my last job I was hurt and it sucks. Nowadays you gotta do what you gotta do. Since its damn near impossible to get help now. So many people abuse government assistance and people who need it can't get it. The excuse is always the same "You earn too much." Dude if I earn too much why the fuck am I asking your dumbass for help? Seriously how dumb are they? Making too much by their standards is one person making like $9 an hour or something like that. I don't know the exact number that's just my guess. What's sad is that its accurate. I'm actually happy when I see people who actually need it get it. In my opinion anyone who wants help should have a physical and mental check. If you clear both go get a job and if you fail congrats you got disability. You know what I mean? It drives me crazy some disabled people want to work. Hell if we wanna play technicalities all fucking day I'm technically disabled. I have a metal plate in my leg and bad knee problems. I don't know what they are cause I hate doctors but that's another card. I want to work not necessarily in retail but I do what I need to. That's an idea the government should use. Just check every family getting help and take out the ones who don't need it. There'd be alot more money I'm pretty sure. Then maybe it wouldn't be so hard to get help if you need it. Most people now work at shitty jobs cause they have to. Every place I worked almost everyone was there cause they had to. That's sad no one wants to go after their dream job anymore. The risk is too great and some would rather be safe than satisfied. Fuck that I'm gonna do what I want. I choose to be happy. Who cares if it'll be hard that's why we fight for our dreams. They're hard but worth the work. Damn people need to get their shit straight. Let me just say I don't like anyone running for president I say we get a blue collar in office. One who can't be bought like Roseanne or Larry the cable guy. We wouldn't have all theses problems. I hope you all join me in doing what job you love. Not what job you have too that way we can lead the way for others. Hell I'll stand alone I don't care.
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@Smerlegameger I meant the service industry I'm a baker sorry I should've specified I'm not aloud in the military no matter how bad I want to
Ahh, well still...bakers make awesome desserts! It takes finesse to make an edible piece of art,lol. Whether it's a muffin or a wedding cake, Im a lover of sweets and anything baked,lol. ;)
@Smerlegameger ikr lol I make donuts and muffins rn but my pies are killer
i just got fired. due to being so ill the last yr it now means im legally *disabled* i have mental health probs & side effects from the meds. mental health is a long long history. i workd part time just enough for rent as iv got iller over time, but i started at 16 and im 31(just) i had that job since 16yr. iv never wanted to not work at all. now however i may end up homeless and my health isnt great for any job.
btw my quality of work wasnt a prob, i ran out of company sick pay and had to go bk when i couldnt cope, made things worse missed days(a whole bnk hol wkend due to taking an OD) so even less £