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Don't you agree?
this is what pisses me off. you want to be taken seriously. pull them up.
I hate when men wear jeans like this like dude pull em up it's not attractive it's gross. That's another reason why I love my Oppas they know how to dress compared to men like the ones in the pics
lol I think what confuses me most is the belts. I know sometimes pants just decide not to stay where they're supposed to, but that's what the belt is for XD
its not the fact that it looks sloppy. I do agree. I mean, what can you actually do with your pants that low? for 1, its tacky as H!. you absolutely can not run much less walk. who, in their right mind would think this is attractive? all of these ppl who do this wonder why others don't take them seriously. I will leave this comment to the nicer side because crap like this just irritates the crap out of me and, I've had my fair share of "nice" words with ppl who do this especially in front of my kids, who can see these goofy ppl butts. so disrepectful. I've even often told them the meaning of what it ment and sometimes you strike a chord with some and they actually pull them up. ugh! sux being nice in the subject but anywho I find butts more attractive inside the jeans..love to wonder. hahaha. :-)
I agree, @smnthcarter773. It looks so sloppy!