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Freaking Kidoh
So umm I guess that I found a new bias. And of all people it's Kidoh from Topp Dogg.
This jerk has decided to ruin my bias list. Why do I have a thing for rappers?
Like Kidoh looks so happy that Yongguk called him handsome. And that jerk is fully capable of giving Yongguk(ultimate bias) and Zelo a run for their money. Dang it Kidoh. Why did you have to ruin my Bias list?
@StephyBAP I FOUND A NEW BUDDY!!!!! ('s you) OMG Kidoh is DAEBAK!! Rappers in general are DAEBAK! I totally get you~~ *\(^o^)/*
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@jiggzy19 You like Kidoh too!!!! Someone who understands me
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@StephyBAP YES! <3
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