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I just thought this requires a post of its own ^^v Lindsay's Mug Shots through the years: July 24, 2007 Offense: After getting popped for DUI and cocaine possession after crashing her Mercedes in May, Lohan went to rehab for two months. Ten days after her release, she was once again arrested for the exact same thing. In August, she reached a plea deal for both offenses (seven misdemeanor charges in total), which included one day in jail, 10 days of community service, and completion of a drug-treatment program, as well as 36 months on probation. "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," she said in a statement before going back to rehab for another 60 days. November 15, 2007 Offense: Shortly after completing her treatment, it was time for Lohan to serve her jail sentence. She spent a whopping 84 minutes inside the Lynwood Correctional Center (due to overcrowding), during which she posed for this pic. Shockingly, it would be another three years before the actress was back on the other side of a jailhouse’s camera. July 20, 2010 Offense: It all took a downward spiral in May 2010 when Lohan claimed she couldn’t make it to a probation hearing because her passport had been stolen while she was in Cannes, France, and a bench warrant was issued. Although she paid her $100,000 bail, four days later on May 24 she was fitted for a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring anklet (it went off 15 days later during a MTV Movie Awards afterparty). Then on July 6, Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail for failing to attend her court-ordered weekly alcohol education classes, which were part of her probation. She surrendered on July 20, when she took this mug shot, and served only two weeks, once again due to overcrowding. September 24, 2010 Offense: After failing a drug test (cocaine was found in her system), the actress’ probation was once again revoked, yet she only spent one day in jail. Still, four days later, she checked into the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California, where she spent another three months. During her time there, an employee of the facility accused Lohan of assault after she caught her and another rehabber – who both reeked of booze – sneaking back onto the property in December. Although charges against Lohan were later dropped, the Betty Ford employee sued her and the matter was later settled out of court. October 19, 2011 Offense: Although Lohan was arrested and plead not guilty to burglary after swiping a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in February 2011 – for which she was sentenced to 120 days in jail, 360 hours of community service, and 120 hours working at the county morgue – there was sadly no mug shot for that incident. But eight short months later, she earned her fifth (!!!) after she failed to do the very simple task of community service and a judge revoked her probation. The following month, she spent just a few hours in jail (although she was sentenced to 30 days) for once again not completing 16 hours of community service. cr:yomg
Yes.. There are many more actually! I wonder why there are no mugshots for those
there are more arrests i think.. but no mug shots
I didnt know she got arrestred these many times...!
sad story.. but this collection is sure fun! sorry haha