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today i do a presentation on my class like was yur favorite song,singer, what language u wanna learn and what place u wanna goo... and all that i put is about korea (BIGBANG) obiouslyyy...and my Teacher say to me that she's wife listen k-pop too,she listen BigBang, and i just was soo fuc***ng happy and Smile all entire class , but my sorprised was that all the class, put a lot of attention about what i was talking..and then my teacher say my wife is so freaking crazy with kpop,dramas and all of korea things and also i say back to him that BigBang make me CRAZYY TOO and he start laughing γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹.and he ask me if i looking for in english..ofcourseee FOR MY IT WAS A SURPRISED CUZ I NEVER FOUND A PEOPLE LIKE THAT. I KNOW IS NOT TOO MUCH BUT I ENJOYND.. WOOOOW I WAS SO EXCITED..FORREALSSS.. BEST DAY OF TMY SCHOOL.. ahahahahhaha ahahhaaaa ahahahahahaha
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that's so cool lol I wish I could find people around me who like kpop