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Soooo I noticed that I don't like maknaes often (or much really lol) but I have one exception! And that person is HYUK!!!
I like HYUK?! No no no (insert A pink 'No No No' lolol). I don't like maknaes... no no no I deny it. But yes... it did happen... it al started when I discovered VIXX through G.R.8.U... I'll never forget it lol
Makane Hyuk just all of a sudden caught my eyes (along with Hongbin lol) I mean, who wouldn't fall for this cutie maknae!!! I know I forsure did!
His agyeo is cute! Though he has to s hh ow it can of course he is the maknae but he has such a tough side (unlike N lmfao! ) He's strong and not a scaredy cat (like me )
AND he also helped VIXX write songs in their albums! What a smart maknae!!!! I'm so proud of him!!! And he grew so tall over the last couple of years lol he out grew his hyungs (like Zelo lol but he was always naturally tall )
Who's your favorite in VIXX? And your favorite maknae(s) in Kpop? @kpopandkimchi @poojas @Cereal03 @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @JessicaChaney
Im not settled on a bias but I do like Ravi and Leo. I love Maknaes XD Taemin in SHINee <3 Yijeong in History is a Bias and he's so talented! Kookie in BTS, Golden Maknae, ... yeah anyway I love Maknaes ㅋㅋㅋ
@DestineeTrost lol my biases are all over the place
for some reason i bias the short ones most of the time. i dont even do it on purpose and sometimes i dont even realize theyre the shortest. for example i bias kyungsoo(exo), jackson(Got7), jonghyun(shinee), and jimin(bts). lol.
N is my favorite and my favorite maknae is Jungkook from bts
I don't like a lot of the maknae for some reason. ...
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