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Just wanted to thank those who suggested listening to BTS!! I can't stop watching their videos especially Dope! I'm still trying to figure out their names and what that new prologue means.. but thanks again for a great suggestion below are the ones who pulled me in but altogether a great group!!
Rap Monster! Definitely caught my eyes with his dimples but the fact he is a rapper was a major plus!!
Jin Has the most ADORABLE SMILE!! I can watch him smile all day because it makes me smile
I'm not sure of his name I get this weird bad boy vibe and really like it! Please officer take me away!!
@jessicalnichols hahaha yeah but I favor Jin over all of them. They are all amazing though in their own way but my Jin takes my breath away. Lol.
Here's a lil filler on the third dork: Jungkook can be called Kookie. Puberty hit him hard and good. We luv him. Actually we love ALL OF THEMM! Hope that helps! And that you fell in love even more.
the last one is Kookie!!! He is the youngest of the group and so adorable. WELCOME TO ARMY!!!!
the officer is the youngest of the group his name is jungkook or kookie for short and hahaha hes not a bad boy at all xD awwww kookie he just a little baby hahah
the officer is Jeon Jungkook c: He is the baby of the group and he is not a bad boy xD he may seem like it but he is adorable and shy around noonas-
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