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Just wanted to thank those who suggested listening to BTS!! I can't stop watching their videos especially Dope! I'm still trying to figure out their names and what that new prologue means.. but thanks again for a great suggestion below are the ones who pulled me in but altogether a great group!!
Rap Monster! Definitely caught my eyes with his dimples but the fact he is a rapper was a major plus!!
Jin Has the most ADORABLE SMILE!! I can watch him smile all day because it makes me smile
I'm not sure of his name I get this weird bad boy vibe and really like it! Please officer take me away!!
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@jgallegos222 I knew it! thanks ^_^ I could've sworn there were different guys singing but I wasn't too sure
@JessAS you're welcome, yeah it definitely can get confusing I think it's because the darkness of that part But feel free to ask me anything anytime:)
@jgallegos222 one last one Lol who hit that high note??
@JessAS I don't mind:) The high note was from jimin!
@jgallegos222 I lost it when I heard that note Lol X) thank you!!