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For @JustinaNguyen By what you have given me I ship you with this handsome young man. Suga from BTS! You said you have a tomboyish attitude ! I can totally see him enjoying that side of you. Imagine the two of you playing some sort of sport together and afterwards enjoying a meal since he knows you like to eat!
You said you were sassy and so is He ! I can see you two playfully talking about each other and your conversations would never get boring ! Although at times the two of you may bump heads because of it, he'd always apologize because he's just that sweet.
Hope you enjoy !.
Thanks! Suga is practically my spirit animal tbh. I forgot to mention it but I'm also really lethargic at times (all the time) so he and I can be lazy together 😂
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@JustinaNguyen TOTALLYYYYYYY AND you're welcome !
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