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Today's challenge is really hard, I think! The challenge is to pick your two favorite VIXX MV's and write about WHY. Ok? Ok!
I have decided to choose my two favorites based on the contents of the MV when it comes to theme and storyline. I really, really love the Answer is You and Love Equation, but I don't want to choose those because the MV's are more visual and less about the story of the MV.

Here we go!

1. Voodoo Doll

Ok. Where do I begin. There are so many things I love about this song and music video. I'll try to make as much sense as possible while explaining it.


This was definitely the biggest pre-promotion build up that Jellyfish ever did. We got weird teasers. We got lots of symbols and symbolism that actually had a ton of meaning around them (seriously, read the info about it all translated here--all those weird symbols in the MV actually have really deep meanings). Basically, there was just so much put into this theme that I was really impressed by it.


While some people were really put off by the "darkness" of this MV (aka the blood and such), I didn't have a problem with it. The original version of the MV (which is the one I put above) is so much better than the clean version! The eyes, the chains, the blood.....all of it is great when you consider it as part of the larger theme! Also, the glass boxes and the setting of the dance cuts is really great. Everything matches together well and creates such a great music video!!


The dance managed to be the right amount of "gorey" to match the MV which I thought was super impressive (even if they weren't allowed to stab each other with the Voodoo needle on some of the music It's a really impressive dance that helps share the theme of being controlled by something outside of yourself quite well, I think, and I love it!

So yes, this is kind of scary....but I love it!!!

2. Eternity! (旮办爜)

I'll admit first off that the reason I love this MV mostly has to do with me loving this song so, so much. I really appreciate songs like this that are very upbeat, but the songs themselves are actually quite sad? If that makes sense.
The theme of the MV is really interesting as well: we're not sure exactly what is going on with the girl they are with. Is she real? Is she fake? We're not even sure they know. It's basically blurring the truth of dreams and reality, and it's open to a lot of interpretation. Though the guy seems to just have a bad dream that his girlfriend is leaving him, we actually find that she was never there all along. There's definitely more to it than this, but I really liked this idea!
I also really like the more subtle symbolism of everything in the video: the way the dance scenes are lit, the light bulbs, the relatively empty room, and so much more. It's just great!! And, this dance is AH.MAY.ZING.
I really want everyone to do this day even if they've skipped some others, because I want to hear what MVs you all like!! Pretty please ^-^
Tagging everyone who has participated in the 30 day challenge so far :)
@byeolbit i will be doing a compile of the days ive missed...and i will do this one by tomorrow....ive been busy with my sister having her baby >.>
I'm trying to catch up :) I got a new phone, so somehow it didn't upload my cards from my old one, but I'll most definitely get to catching up!
You literally have the top 2 MVs that I have 馃槏 I chose both of these as my top two as well; Voodoo doll was one of the best examples of how well they could show their emotions/acting and really give the intended weight of the lyrics what they deserve. And eternity is one of my favorite all time songs by them because of the same reasons you wrote! My honorable mention is the MV for Error, especially the dance choreo. N's dance skills and when he jolts up in the beginning as all the members synchronize and "charge" him is my favorite part of the video with the glowy blue eyes:) Loveeee them!
@XergaB20 That's cool XD we can always talk more in depth about them all another time hahaha
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