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I am so full of happy!! Words cannot express all the feelings I'm feeling even at this moment!!!! I was taking my time, making my way to my aunt's to see my mom and my other aunt on Wednesday afternoon when I suddenly forgot how to breathe!! I saw someone that looked just like my long lost best friend. I knew it wasn't him but from a distance he was the exact replica. Also I was talking to another gf about him. At that same time I told her what just happened to me and I was saying what if I heard from him... So there I was in and out of my aunt's kitchen chatting with mom. Messages were coming in to my fone as I was talking to about three people at the time. When I found a moment to stop and check them, lo and behold!!!
There it was---a message from him--my name...! Just my name!! I walked out of the kitchen, sat in the couch, walked back into the kitchen, check the message again, went back to the couch, then texted my friend about it. It took me an hour to reply to his message. I really wanted to freak out, but not in front of my mom! How would I explain to her? But I did as soon as I was alone. Since then the conversations are just the same. Nothing changed and I'm glad.Now my days are brighter and my troubles are smaller. He can never and will never take the place of my husband, but my love for him will never change.
yea yea I'm a sucker! :D :p
Awwww I am so happy for you! This has me thinking about my bestfriend and how I miss her so much! You know how strong a friendship is, when you're able to talk to each other like time had never passed.
Ahhh yay @TerrecaRiley this is so exciting!!! I'm very happy for you :) it's always such a wonderful feeling when a loved one walks back into your life after a log absence. :)
Thank you. I kno... I hope you get to talk to her again
That's sweet if you to ask, Idk really, we're in the same town. We have been friends 30 years! We met in 9th grade because we walked home the same way and have been friends ever since. She has been my Maid of honor in both of my weddings, (got it right the 2nd time 16 years and counting lol) Godmother to both of my children. I have no siblings so she's been my kids Auntie their whole lives. I mean ya don't get much closer than that. But recently I've gotten more and more anxious about leaving the house! It SUCKS! But because of YOU and your post I'm going to ask if she wants to come over here for a drink on Friday! I MISS her terribly!
@Amye1 thank you. what happened?
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