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This!!!! VIXX is pretty much the only group that I make sure to listen to absolutely everything they do (including musical songs, covers, solo work and more), so I have a LOT of VIXX music that I really enjoy.
I'm going to pick my five favorite songs that have all six members, because 6VIXX is the best, even if I adore Leo's solo songs and Beautiful Liar so, so, much. Oh, and the videos I've chosen are my favorite versions of them performing each song!!

Here we go!

1. Light Up the Darkness / 어둠 속을 밝혀줘

Album: Hyde / 2013
This version of VIXX performing this song is my favorite for a lot of reasons (hint...because of this....), but the song has been my favorite off the Hyde album since the first time I heard it!
I really love the deeper sound of this song, and the range of each member we get to hear in the song. This was one of the first times Hongbin was giving a really deep part and it worked well for him. Plus, Ravi's rap in this song is SO on point that it might be my favorite part of the song.
Favorite lyrics:
숨 막히는 깊은 어둠 속 / 점점 사라져가고 있어 / 나의 손을 잡아줘 / 그대여 날 구해줘
I’m disappearing into the / suffocating and deep darkness / Hold my hand / Please save me

2. Error / 에러

Album: Error / 2014
!! SKIP TO 5:00 in the video for ERROR ACOUSTIC VERSION!!
This realistically should be #1 because its the song I've listened to most in my VIXX-loving life time, but Light Up the Darkness holds the spot for more sentimental reasons.
Error is the kind of song that I really identify with because of the lyrics and all the emotions it conveys. I's just a really, really great song. The composition is great, the lyrics are great, the performance is great....EVERYTHING IS GREAT!!!!
Favorite lyrics:
이대로 살면 돼 숨 쉬면 돼 / 살아있기만 하면 돼 왜 안돼
I just need to live like this, I just need to breathe / I just need to be alive, why can’t I?

3. What U Waiting For

Album: Error / 2014
I don't really have a lot to say about this song, but it's a song that gets stuck in my head all the time, I sing along to all the time, and somehow has the most listens of any VIXX song on my phone....which means it must be one of my favorites!
This isn't one of their title tracks, so there's a chance you've never heard it--make sure you check it out!
Favorite Lyrics:
더 멀리 볼 필요 없어 / 내가 가까이 / 마주하고 있는데 왜 날 못 봐
There’s no need to look further / I’m so close and looking at you / but why can’t you see me?

4. G.R.8.U / 대.다.나.다.너

Album: Jekyll (Hyde repackage) / 2013
This song is one of what I like to call VIXX's "happy" songs, but what I really loved about this song was how they directly played on parts of Hyde to make this the "reverse" when it came out with Jekyll. There are a lot of lyrics in the song that are similar to those in Hyde, but in a totally new way! Really, really clever.
Also, I love the title in Korean--it plays with some popular slang, and is wayyy better than the English title (GR8U is You're Impressive sounds much better!) Favorite Lyrics:
내 안에 너밖에 모르는 / 미친 사람이 생겼어 / 내가 모르던 나를 네가 꺼낸거야 / I’ll never let you go
Inside of me / Is a crazy person that only knows you / You brought out a me that I didn’t even know / I’ll never let you go

5. My Light

Album: Beautiful Liar (VIXX LR, 2015)
Hyuk's not in the video for My Light above, but it was taken at the LR showcase and all the fans were singing along, and you can just see how proud Leo is of the song he created for fans! It's really, really REALLY PAINFULLY TOUCHING for me that he wanted to create something so beautiful for sweet....PLUS the rap by Ravi is so awesome because it incorporates so many of their old song names!!

Favorite Lyrics:
Starlight 난 너의 SUPER HERO
넌그저 신나게 Rock Ur Body
넌 내가 지켜
다칠 준비돼 있어
hyde도 덤벼나도
참 대다나다
너를위해 그저 주인 옆에서
기적 같은 힘들을 선보여 늘
우리 곁에 러브뿐
Starlight, I’m your (Super Hero)
You just need to have fun and (Rock Ur Body)
I’ll protect you
I’m ready to get hurt (On and On),
even (Hyde) can challenge me
I’m so (g.r.8.u) for you
Just next to the master (voodoo)
You show me that miraculous (Eternity) strength, always
It’s just love by our sides (Error)
I hope you can all join in to this one, too!! :D This is something else I really want to know about everyone who is a VIXX fan, haha!!