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I've recently dived into the world of writing book reviews. I enjoy reading and plus writing is my passion, so what better way to mash them together??? Take a moment to visit my link and follow to my early review, Off Balance on Purpose by Dan Thurmon. This book uncovers a new outlook on how we live our lives, how we adjust to life's contradictions, and how living "off balance" brings us closer to our purpose.
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Awesome! I really hope you like it!
2 years ago·Reply
why not just write your reviews here? seems like it might save you a step.
2 years ago·Reply
That's a good point! My other goal was to have my audience visit my site as well for other work, but I will write my reviews on here for the convenience of myself and other readers. Thanks for your input! @VinMcCarthy
2 years ago·Reply
@FrankieWritez I understand that, I just think it'd be cool to read it here on-the-go, y'know? I'm excited to see more!
2 years ago·Reply
@VinMcCarthy of course, you got it!
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