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My day was groggy, weird, and just dreary. Earlier today I decided to make my way to the local market to grab some fresh vegetables. I can cook a variety of things, but I love to make all sorts of stews.
I usually slow cook my stews and add all different kinds of vegetables. I throw in a few pieces of meat, but they mostly serve as a flavor enhancement. I typically don't over do it. And because the pieces do serve as a flavor enhancement -- I use everything -- from the bone, to the skin. I like also love how the combination of vegetables creates such a savory dish.
My favorite vegetables to add to a stew are bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, garlic, and carrots. And depends on what I have on hand, I'll add potatoes and anything else I feel will make a great stew.
My go to seasonings: chili powder, sazon, and LOTS of cayenne pepper. Almost all of my stews are made very spicy, unless I am cooking for others.
Is cooking therapeutic for you too? What's your favorite dish to make?
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believe it or not, washing dishes by hand is cathartic.
I think that with cooking that my calmer is the fact that I'm thinking out what sounds good what spices sound good. just the process alone distracts the mind from worldly problems
@marshalledgar I understand that part. Washing dishes by hand feels good to me -- unless it's my roommates pile of dishes then im like nahhhh. ......@zwdodds yes! it's definitely a nice distraction.
Dishes are dishes @alywoah hahaha it doesn't matter whose dishes they are. LOL
@marshalledgar that's not true Lol. @alywoah it's only alright because you know that they are your dishes right