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My day was groggy, weird, and just dreary. Earlier today I decided to make my way to the local market to grab some fresh vegetables. I can cook a variety of things, but I love to make all sorts of stews.
I usually slow cook my stews and add all different kinds of vegetables. I throw in a few pieces of meat, but they mostly serve as a flavor enhancement. I typically don't over do it. And because the pieces do serve as a flavor enhancement -- I use everything -- from the bone, to the skin. I like also love how the combination of vegetables creates such a savory dish.
My favorite vegetables to add to a stew are bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, garlic, and carrots. And depends on what I have on hand, I'll add potatoes and anything else I feel will make a great stew.
My go to seasonings: chili powder, sazon, and LOTS of cayenne pepper. Almost all of my stews are made very spicy, unless I am cooking for others.
Is cooking therapeutic for you too? What's your favorite dish to make?
@alywoah for me it's a mix of cooking and eating what I make
I dance, cook, and sing my cares away.
@alywoah yes I love cooking!!! But I usually cook breakfast because that's my thing but other than that, I'm so happy to try! ^^ classical music also helps me calm down and study sometimes so I'm good ヽ(^。^)丿
Oh cooking is so therapeutic for me. I feel such a burst of pride and happiness after I cook something delicious. Instant mood boost :)
@ElizabethT Oo yes, singing is a good one! I feel very comforted when I sing ^_^
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