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Does anyone feel like Rap Monster would totally fit in Show Me The Money? He can seriously dominate.
I just love his style of rapping and how it flows perfectly. His tone is great too. lol
Sorry. I was watching Show Me the Money, and this just randomly came into my head. lol. *Create to the owners of these photos. *
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I agree I've always thought of that too. He can RAP XoX. However, I do feel like a lot of people already in SMTM (like the judges) would throw a lot of shade, not because he is bad but because RM is the real deal, a tough competitor. It is only my opinion though XD
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@yehet27 that is true.
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yes!!!! ive been saying this forever! he would be perfect seriously they need to do a season with Rap mon, jay park, b-free, zico , okasian, and beenzino that is like my dream to see them all go against each other
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I do.. but although he looks hardcore he's a lil teddy bear inside.. i feel he'd get hurt easily and i just want to protect that giant Dork
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