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1. Amaretto brownies with Caramel Sauce 2. Coke, Captain Morgan, Rum and Kahlua pop sickles 3. Chocolate waffle cookies 4. Macarons
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@YinofYang..lol..me too..wanna eat a lot of desserts..emm..yummy..lol..just by imagine makes me happy...keke
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@syairah12 I think that's one of the most important things about food: the emotions they can make you feel. :)
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@YinofYang..yeah!! really agree with you..food always makes me feel some kind of emotions especially when I'm seeing those wonderful foods..keke..not only the foods and desserts that I want to buy,..wanna buy the whole shop too if I can!! haha..
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I bet we would all love to own a whole bakery. That would be so awesome.
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That`s totally be awesome!! keke..and I'm afraid if I'm the the one that will finish up all the cakes and desserts if I own one of mine.keke
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