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I decided to write about my obsession with B1A4! I've been following them since their debut with their Let's Fly album! Gongchan is always the bae no matter how long.
My precious album signed by all five members has become one of my most prized possessions!
You got the sexy fox leader, Jung Jinyoung. He works so hard composing songs for the group! And OMB his acting in the drama, Perseverance, was amazing!
There's the eldest member CNU aka Shin Dongwoo. I remember he wanted to be a someone who could sing, rap, and dance! He's been getting better and better since their debut!
Sandeulie~! Lee Junghwan is just a loveable dork that's just so much fun! But his vocals! Hearing him sing on variety shows or on stage, this guy gots a voice to make your heart throb!
There's the main rapper Baro! Cha Sunwoo is an amazing rapper who writes his own rap lyrics with Jinyoung. Besides his amazing abs, I think his artwork is super cute! (Or maybe that's just love.)
There's the bae, Gongchan!! Gong Chansik has been my main bias since B1A4's debut. He's so cute and funny and can be a bit evil at times. He's my devilish angel. Haha
There's my obsession in that short card! I could write an entire report, but who'll read that? Gotta love their sprout dance! (I wonder if they got the idea from caramelldansen.)