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I had such a love hate relationship with this drama, mainly because I hated Jan di. I think it was because I thought she was to ugly for jun pyu to fall in live with( I was jealous ) I loved Lee jeong and ga-eul (I think that's their name) coupe they were soooo cute together. but it has been a while since I watched this drama and whenever I see short clips I realize it was really funny and cute. especially the little boys!!!!
lol but i love that character of hers and i would love to be close besties with jandi to me her character was really inspiring and strong.
yeah I mean at the time that I was watching it I really didn't like her. but now that I think about it she was really independent and stood up for herself a lot. there was just a lot of character traits mixed with it and just made her seem weird I guess
lol i don't get y ppl say they hated jandi and her character actually i love her badass female and overpowering women character she was definitely an independent and girl with so much self respect a character we can all definitely look up to there is definitely so much to learn from and looking at her character traits you will see y all F4 jihu sunbae and gujunpo end up falling for her. I really waana see more characters like jand in korean dramas not characters girls with insecurity and relying on the male characters all the time and thats something I prefer which is barely shown in few korean dramas thats y i love jandi and her character all the time just my opinion but I completely respect yours too.