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FOR @B1A4BTS5ever N FROM VIXX IS THE ONE FOR YOU. (My ultimate Bias I love him so much you don't understand) You seem like an extremely passionate person and I can see N loving that side of you. The fire that burns within you will keep the romance going, he'd fall in love again and again and again just by listening to you talk about your passion.
He would also see how much you love your fmily only making him love you more. He's the mother and the leader of VIXX , so hes also very passionate and caring towards the other members. He'd love how you two can be so passionate and caring of others making the relationship perfect.
you also mentioned you were pretty much 4D. The jokes would come out the butt with the two of you. Your relationship and conversations would never be boring.
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awwwwahhhhh N hahaha is my one of my bias wreckers in vixx haha :)
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