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Hi Vingle friends! It's been a while since I posted something in here and it's all because of school (college lifeeee! ) so I've become so busy and once I got home I need to do some study and homework so I don't have too much time to sleep to eat and to be social active BUT! even though I'm busy I always make some time to try something new lol. A month ago this KOREAN MAKE UP (NATURAL LOOK) hook my attention like 10000000% of my attention. hahaha Just so you know I have this skin problem (acne) so I'm kinda scared to put make up on my facr but Korean cosmetics amazed me on how friendly it is and I feel so comfortable with it my face look radiant after using KOREAN skin care and KOREAN cosmetics and heres my skin care and make up list.. 1. (SKIN CARE) for my morning routine I used TEA TREE OIL FACE WASH, innisfree olive oil toner and moisturizer and innisfree mist before putting bb cream or any make up in my skin EVENING routine. first I wiped my make up with any make up wipes before taking shower and then after I took shower I washed my face with cold water and tea tree oil face wash and then I used ROYALE TONER (It's a product from PHILIPPINES) C20 OIL AND C20 VITAMIN SLEEP and tgen lastly I put adapelene gel in my acne to dry it. 2. (MAKE UP'S) BB CREAM- SKINFOOD PEACH SAKE PORE, ETUDE HOUSE CONCEALER, ETUDE HOUSE PRECIOUS MINERAL CUSHION, TONY MOLY LIPTINT, and lastly I used ELF product for eyeshadow, mascara and etc.. PS. If someone wants a video tutorial I can upload it but remember I'm not a PRO MAKE UP ARTIST so I only know the basic and the easiest one.
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Do you have links for the products? I would like to buy them